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"If your music belief cannot convince yourself,
how do you expect people to trust you musically?"

                                                             - Monique Chao

After graduated in classical singing in Taipei University of the Ars. Monique has moved to Italy and started her first music career working as a classical musician and an educator in theaters and schools.  

In Italy, she got a sudden chance to perform some free jazz on the stage and this performance has occurred her great interest over the jazz music. She made up her mind then to become a jazz musician. Monique started by majoring in piano jazz in F. Cilea Conservatory of Reggio Calabria. After a short while, she moved to G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan and then obtained her first jazz degree. 

During her piano studying, her talent of composing and arranging for small/big ensembles was discovered by her harmony professor. Therefore, she was encouraged to continue her studying as a jazz composer, and has obtained her second jazz degree.

Monique has lots of experiences performing as vocalists, pianist, and conductor for big/small ensembles. And she's ambitious of developing more her music stages in the world.

As an arranger, her arrangements for small ensemble were performed in Umbria Jazz Festival, Milan Conservatory for International Jazz Day in Italy, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival. As the bandleader of “Monique Tiny Band”, they have performed several concerts with the theme of “Sam Rivers Tribute” arranged all by Monique in different jazz occasions in Taiwan. 

As a vocalist, she was as well invited by Taiwanese jazz vocalist to participated the concert of “Charlie Parker Tribute” in National Concert Hall of Taipei, Taiwan. In 2021, “Monique Chao Quartet” has released her debut album “Monique for Mò”, with Ying-Da Chen (gt), IKEDA Kinya (db/bs) and Weichung Lin (dr). Monique Chao Quartet’s Italian version, with Francesco Spinazza (pn), Alessandro Cassani (double bass) and Andrea Lo Palo (drums), they have arrived as finalists in the Verdi Conservatory Awards. 

As a big band composer, Monique’s compositions are highly appreciated and she’s been invited to conduct or to have her tunes played by Taipei Professional Orchestra, Verdi Jazz Orchestra, Barga Jazz Orchestra, Serravalle Jazz Festival in Italy. And she was invited with the organization of TPO to participate the online concert of Eau Clair Jazz Festival in Wisconsin, USA. And she was also the finalist for the composer’s award of Barga Jazz Festival in Italy. 

As a symphonic orchestra composer, she has composed a 50 minutes Jazz Symphonic Suite dedicated to her country: Taiwan, named “Formosan Way”. This was also her graduation’s final topic and has obtained the highest mark and gained a special honor by all the faculties of Milan Conservatory. 

As a pianist, together with other two young talented musicians, they have formed Subconscious Trio. Victoria Kirilova (ds), and Francesca Remigi (dr), all three of them are creative, highly-focused and motivated composers. Their debut album “Water Shapes” will soon be released in the spring of 2022. 

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